Question About How To Bridge Kicker Zx400 1 Amp To 2 Subs


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How Do I Wire 2 Subwoofers To A Kicker Zx400.1 Mono Subwoofer Amp

The amplifier has only 1 positive and 1 negative speaker input. Can I have it power 2 subs or just 1? ... Read more

Bridge Amplifier @ 4 Ohms For 2ohm Subs

I have a 2 channel Kenwood amplifier which produces 500 watts @ 4 ohms when bridge. now i have 2 alpine type R that are 2 ohms. Can i bridge the 2 subs to the amp? or would that ruin something? Or how should i ... Read more

I Need Help Choosing An Amp For Kicker 12 L7 Subwoofers

I am buying 2 kicker 12" l7 subs and i need to figure out what amp to get. i was told that the kicker zx 1500.1 amp is a really nice amp and would make these subs hit really hard. can anyone give me their opinion ... Read more

Kicker Zx400.1 Amplifier

Kicker zx400.1 amplifier? ... Read more

What Kicker Amp Do I Need

Hi i have been running 2 12" kicker comp subs on a ZX350.2 amplifier, i have recently bought 2 12" kicker CompVR subs to add to them. I dont understand all the watt ratios and stuff, and i need help determining what amp i need ... Read more

Wiring Midrange Speakers To An Amp

Here is my current setup: I have two 6 3/4" Kenwood speakers in the doors. There are two Diamond subs in the hatch, bridged on a single channel Alpine 700W amp. I'm going to get a new 2000W 2 Ch. amp for the Diamonds, and I'm ... Read more

Which Amp Should I Get For 2 Kicker 10CVR104 Subwoofers

I am looking at buying 2 Kicker 10CVR104 subs. I wanted to know an affordable amp that will power these two subs efficiently. I don't know much about car audio, so any info would be appreciated. Also, i am putting these in my '95 chevy s10 ext ... Read more