Question About How To Bridge 2 12 Inch Kicker Subs


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Bridge Amplifier @ 4 Ohms For 2ohm Subs

I have a 2 channel Kenwood amplifier which produces 500 watts @ 4 ohms when bridge. now i have 2 alpine type R that are 2 ohms. Can i bridge the 2 subs to the amp? or would that ruin something? Or how should i ... Read more

How To Wire Two 10 Inch Kicker Subwoofers To The 600 Watt Sony Xplod 3/4 Channel Amp

I recently purchased two 10 inch kicker subs, and 4 6 1/2 inch speakers to replace the blown speakers in my jeep grand cherokee. Im needing a little help with wiring the amp to the Subs. Amplifier: Sony Xplod 600 Watt 3/4 channel Amp Subwoofers: 2x Kicker 10C104 Any help ... Read more

What Would Be The Best Amp For 2 12 Inch Kicker Cvx Subwoofers

Im going to buy 2 12 inch kicker cvx subs and i was wondering what to buy 2 or 4 ohm? And what amp would be the best? They are rated at 750rms each. ... Read more

How To Wire My Subs And Speakers

So i've got 2 12 inch kicker comp subs and 4 kicker s series speakers. I was thinking of getting 2 amps a 4 channel for my speakers and a 2 channel for my subs, but how do i wire them. Do i just get rca ... Read more

I Need Help Choosing An Amp For Kicker 12 L7 Subwoofers

I am buying 2 kicker 12" l7 subs and i need to figure out what amp to get. i was told that the kicker zx 1500.1 amp is a really nice amp and would make these subs hit really hard. can anyone give me their opinion ... Read more

What Kicker Amp Do I Need

Hi i have been running 2 12" kicker comp subs on a ZX350.2 amplifier, i have recently bought 2 12" kicker CompVR subs to add to them. I dont understand all the watt ratios and stuff, and i need help determining what amp i need ... Read more

Which Subwoofers Kicker L5 Or Kicker Cvr

I have a 4 door 98 cutlass im wanting to get ither 2 10 inch kicker l5 in kicker box for 600.00 or 2 12 inch kicker cvr in kicker box for 350.00 which ones should i get i know the l5 will hit harder but ... Read more