Question About How To Adjust Headlight Of Honda Crv


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How Do I Adjust My Headlight Motors On My 84 Pontiac Fiero

I know I have to turn the knobs to adjust them but I'm not sure what way I have to turn them and how many times. I have tried to guess and check but I still can't figure it out and this info isnt in the ... Read more

Is There A Way To Adjust The Left Head Light Motor On 1995 Firebird

The light goes up fine, but when i turn them off an it drops down the left motor stays on for a couple seconds longer. its nothing serious its just loud an sounds funny, an i dont have the money for a 200 dollar headlight motor ... Read more

Problem With Honda Shadow Spirit 750dc Headlight

I have an 07 honda shadow spirit vt750dc, the headlight went out, replaced bulb, checked fuse, which has power, but there is no power at the plug to the headlight. Anyone have the same problem or know if there is a relay somewhere that went bad ... Read more

I Have A 91 Honda Prelude Si, Left Retractable Headlight Inop.

Left headlight inop due to joint connector on actuator arm fell out. how do i go about getting to actuator arm to fix? remove headlight motor? remove headlight assembly? ... Read more

What’s Wrong With The Headlights On My Honda Civic

I drive a 2002 Honda Civic EX. Yesterday i noticed that my right headlight no longer works, yet the blinker still does. And everything is dandy with my left headlight and blinker. My question is... Am I going to have to bring it to the mechanic, ... Read more

Smashed Headlight, Can I Still Drive My Car

I got into a small car accident the other day and my right headlight is smashed open, but thankfully the light still works. The area around the smashed headlight is a bit beat up from the impact, but otherwise my car (Honda Civic LX Sedan 1998) ... Read more