Question About How Resonator Tips Work


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Do Resonator Exhaust Tips Really Work

I'm looking for something that will muffle the sound of my exhaust. A nice, deep tone is what I'm looking for. I was just wondering if these resonator exhaust tips really work. If so, what brands should I be looking at in order ... Read more

Whats The Point Of Ana Ir Resonator

In a dodge the air filter hose is connected to an air resonator whats the point of the resonator what does it do. when you get a (fuel injection performance kit) by k&n you completly remove the resonator so obviously its not to important but what ... Read more

Will Putting The Resonator Back In My Car Make It Quieter

I just installed new megan racing headers and a magnaflow hi-flow catalytic converter. I removed the resonator and now in the high rpm range my car sounds really ricey. I have a DNX exhaust but it was not that loud and ricey before the ... Read more

Does A Exhaust Resonator Really Silence Out A Flow Master

They recently installed a flowmaster on my truck but they left the resonator could it be silencing out the sound? ... Read more

Resonator On Exhaust Assembly…is It Necessary

I recently replaced my catalytic converter on my Chevy Impala 3.8L with a Magnaflow only to find that now my resonator (the enlarged pipe right after the cat) has some rust holes that finally broke loose under the heat shield. Now I have loud exhaust. ... Read more

Do Exhaust Tips With Resonators Actually Reduce Noise That Much

I have a custom exhaust on my '08 Dodge Charger that has a good pitch and which I really do like. However, the amount of sound coming out of the exhaust at crusing levels (1500-3000rpm) is a little too much. I'd like to reduce it by ... Read more

Why Are The Flowmaster Super 40 On My Ford Fusion Silent

I have a Ford Fusion V6 with Dual Flowmaster super 40s second 5 "center in the center with resonance tips. I have also removed the exhaust resonator, but the sound goes away after about 2700 rpm. Floor, if I do everything that you hear the engine. ... Read more