Question About How Much Labor To Install Intake Carb


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Questions On Carburetor/intake Replacement 1985 Buck 307/5.0

I'm not looking for performance, I just want a smoother running car. I did a full tune up, and compression is good in all cylinders, that leaves the carb. In park/neutral the acceleration is good, but it shakes and idles rough, and acceleration is poor. ... Read more

Is This A Good One For Hotrod

Is this a good motor tto put it on ?and how much hp would this GTO 400 V8 6.6 L (1969 i guess) motor have if i install these things? aprox! * Polished Edelbrock P-65 dual quad intake * ... Read more

How MUCH More Gas Will A Holley 4 Barrel 600 Cfm Carburetor Waste Compared To

How MUCH more gas will a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carburetor waste compared to a Holley 2 barrel 600 cfm carb? I have a 85 Ford F-150 with a 302 5.0 in it. I want to put a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carb in it, ... Read more

Will ANY 2 Barrel Carb Work For My 82 Dodge D 50 4X4 2.6 As Long As It Bolts Onto The Intake Manifold

I need to replace my carb ... it's cracked by the fuel input and leaking more gas than goes thru the carb! I can spend $200 and get a used one DESIGNED for my engine ... but is that really necessary? As long as there aren't ... Read more

What Size Carburetor And What Intake Manifold Should I Get For My 383

Ok so i need to know what size carb i need to get and what intake manifold i should get. my rear end is a 3.08 posi i have the biggest cam i can fit with modified stock heads i have different lifter different pistons 4 speed manual ... Read more

Is A Carburetor Spacer Necessary

Im gettin an edelbrock carb and edelbrock manifold. do i need to get a spacer because ive heard that it isnt a good idea to install a carb without them. That supposably they help insulate the carb. please help ... Read more

Carburetors……..I Need Help

Been nearly 20 years since I last worked on a carb, it only has about 20k on it, running rough and mileage is way down. Can someone give some good reference sources to help me adjust a 4 bbl carb on an 87 Jeep Grand ... Read more