Question About How Much Does It Cost To Replace Radiator Hoses On Nissan Maxima


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How To Replace A Knock Sensor And Oxygen Sensor On A Nissan Maxima 1998

I got the check engine light on my nissan maxima se and reading the code at autozone indicates that the knock sensor and oxygen sensor are faulty and, probably, need to be replaced. Is this an expensive repair at the Nissan shop? Where can I find ... Read more

Anyone With A 20042006 Nissan Maxima Have An Engine Block Heater

Nissan does not make a factory one and I have checked many auto parts stores and they say they cant come up with anything. One place said they had one but when I opened it up, it was for up to a 2003 Maxima which is ... Read more

Knock Sensor On A 96 Nissan Maxima What Is This

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Japanese V6 engines seem so complicated. I am not experienced with repairs, but I would like to learn how to do a basic tune up on my first car. the front sparkplugs seem to have easy access, but how do you reach the back 3 ... Read more

How Do I Fix My Brakes That Do Not Stop Squeaking On A 2002 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima with worn out breaks. The brakes squeak all the time, no matter the speed, driving forward or reversing. Occasionally when turning while breaking, there is a small grinding noise too. I know I need to replace the pads, but do ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Oxygen Sensor For A Nissan Maxima 2002

I just want to know if i got ripped off. my nissan maxima 2002's (78kmiles)check engine light came on. took to a local shop first time because of proximity. the jr. mechanic couldnt figure out if it was cat convertor or 02 sensors. he turned light off and ... Read more

My Radiator Hoses Keep Popping Off. I Changed The Thermostat And Clamps. What Else Could Be The Problem

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