Question About How Much Does It Cost To Replace O2 Sensor Dodge Durango


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I Have A 1999 Dodge Durango And I Am Wondering How Easy It Is To Replace The Front Brake Rotors And Pads.

I had a 95 dakota p/u and with that truck i had to remove the hub, bearings, etc. just to replace the rotors. I hope it is NOT the same with a 99 durango. ... Read more

Best Way To Add Power To A 00′ Dodge Durango

I have a 2000 dodge durango and i currently have the following upgrades -Superchips power programmer -Custom intake -poweraid throttle body spacer -custome exhaust with cherry bomb - K&N air filter What would be the best/most effective way to add more power that would cost less than 100$ preferably i dont to ... Read more

Where Is The Coolant Temperature Sensor On A 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9l V8

I need to replace it without buying a repair manual. The only thing that I've found on the internet is "in the intake manifold behind the alternator," but still can't locate it. ... Read more

99 Dodge Durango Ignition Problems..

I own a Dodge Durango 99, 5 2L 2 wheel drive, automatic trans. . I happen to have problems with it in the attempt on the Interstate. . . At high speeds it starts to Boog and the check engine light blinks, then lights up. . ... Read more

Has Anyone Ever Put A Dual Exhaust On A 2004 Dodge Durango

I am taking in my Hemi Durango to get a dual Magnaflow CatBack system put on. Has anyone ever done this or does anyone seen one and if so does it look good. I guess i'm second guessing my decision because of the money ... Read more

How Much Would It Cost To Get The Speedometer Recalibrated In A 2000 Dodge Durango

I didn't ask how it was done I already know this. I just simply wanted an estimate. ... Read more