Question About How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bumper For Kia Optima


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How Much Will It Cost To Repair A 1997 Maximas Bumper/fender/corner Light/ Side Marker Cost

I need to get the bumper/fender/corner light/ side marker of a 97 Nissan maxima repair/replace, the bumper absorber and bracket are fine. n all the electrical things work. i just need to knw how much repairs/ labor will approximately cost. ... Read more

Kicker Dual Amplifier Setup

I have a 04 Infinity I35,2 kicker C V R 12's,D V C ,4ohm,optima red top battery.Id like to wire the amplifiers like how the shop wires a capacitor,but use a optima red top instead of a cap.and wire the subs at 2ohms,problem is how ... Read more

How Hard Is It To Replace The Rear Bumper Cover On A 1998 Toyota Camry

Hey guys. I just backed upto a pillar in front of my house...=[ So I have to replace the rear bumper cover of my 1998 Toyota Camry. Does anyone know how I can do this? I'm probably going to just order a new rear bumper cover ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Repaint The Front Bumper For A 2005 Toyota Solara

My car is a pearl white color. i have 2 big spots on my front bumper that were scratched and some of the paint came off, showing the black part of the bumper. 1. how much will it cost to repaint the whole front bumper? 2. should ... Read more

How Do I Replace A Fog Light Bulb In A 03′ Kia Optima

How do I replace a fog light bulb in a 03' Kia Optima? ... Read more

I Rearended Someone Yesterday But It Was Very Minor, Maybe At 10 MPH. They’re Claming $800 In Car Damage.

The other person took it to a car shop and the people at the shop told her that there was a metal piece in the rear bumper that needed to be fixed and gave her a cost estimate of $800. I don't know much about ... Read more

Scratched Bumper Paint Cost A Couple Grands To Fix

I had a 'collision' with another car in the parking lot the other day. I parked my car, opened the door to to get out, a car pulled in really fast from behind to park and scratched the side of my door. I lost a little ... Read more