Question About How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bumper For Kia Optima


1999 Kia Socket Blinker

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How Hard Is It To Replace Brake Rotors And Pads On A Passenger Car

Asked on Sep 6, 2010 This is a 2006 Kia Optima. I have no prior experience. This is a family car so safety outweighs savings. Are there a lot of tools required? I only have the very basics. I have a private mechanic willing to do all 4 (I'm providing the parts) ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Timing Belt In A Kia Rio

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How Much Will It Cost To Repair The Damage To My Vehicle

Asked on Aug 18, 2010 I recently struck something after hydroplaning and losing control of my Kia Sorento. I hit it head on and managed to crack my front bumper pretty badly. There is also a small but noticeable and very unsightly crease in the very front of the hood. There ... Read more

Location Of Knock Sensor On ’99 Kia Sportage, 4X4

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Between Car Batteries, Is There A Noticeable Difference In Performance

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How Much Will It Cost To Repair A 1997 Maximas Bumper/fender/corner Light/ Side Marker Cost

Asked on Aug 6, 2010 I need to get the bumper/fender/corner light/ side marker of a 97 Nissan maxima repair/replace, the bumper absorber and bracket are fine. n all the electrical things work. i just need to knw how much repairs/ labor will approximately cost. ... Read more