Question About How Much Does It Cost To Fix My Suspension In My Navigator


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Anyone Replace Air Conversion Kit With Coil Kit On Lincoln Navigator

I am so tired of fixing this 01 navigator air suspension. someone mention converting it to coil kit. if there is anyone that has done this please give me some feedback of the cost and where they ordered it . if someone has had this done ... Read more

What Is The Difference Between An Air Suspension Conversion Kit, And Just Getting Regular Spring Coils

I have a 2000 Lincoln Navigator and would like to convert the suspension on my car from Air Suspension to regular suspension. But I am trying to figure out the difference between the Navigator suspension conversion coils, and just getting replacement coils for the ford expedition. ... Read more

Ever Replaced A Lincoln Navigator Rear Air Suspension System W/the Rear Coil Springs Of A Ford Expedition

I have a 1999 Lincoln Navigator. They only make a "Conversion Kit" which is simply coils w/a fancy name and cost $60-$150 more than Ford Expedition Coils (rear). ... Read more

Anyone Knows About Where Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Can Be Purchased

I have a lincoln Navigator. I would like to install in it Air suspension kit. So Anyone knows about where Lincoln Navigator air suspension can be purchased?? ... Read more

What Is The Cost Of A Rail Flatcar

Need to get the cost of a single train flat car used to carry shipping containers. Ideally just the platform part without the wheels and suspension (or if I can find the cost of replacement 2-axle suspension assembly, I could maybe subtract 2 of them from ... Read more

Estimated Price On A Complete Air Suspension Kit For 07 Nissan Specv

I just need a rough estimate on how much a complete (everything) air suspension kit would cost me. Would I need to buy new shocks and struts as well? Thanks for your time. I don't want your opinions, just how much it would cost. ... Read more

The Check Engine Light Flashes Like 40 Times And Then Goes Off Lincoln Navigator

It is a 1998 lincoln navigator just recently started to miss I that it was the spark plugs because I havent replace it since new (190000) later I change the spark plugs any ways it did't make a difference so I check all the coils ,..nathing ... Read more