Question About How Much Does A Brake Job Cost For A Honda Crv


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Car Accessory And Modification Question. If You Had A Choice To Choose Between These

Will I have less than a 10000 want to spend and have fun with it. so my choice are 2002 to 2004 Honda CRV Exhaust which cost about $482 plus installation. 2002 to 2006 Honda CRV Drill Slot Brake Rotors & Pad Bilstein HD Strut front and ... Read more

How Much Should A Brake Job Cost

How much should a basic brake job cost for a '97 Chevy Monte Carlo? We've been quoted around $180. total for brake pads and resurfaceing the roaters. Is that a fair price? What is the best place to go to get them done ... Read more

I Changed The Brakes On My 2001 Honda And When I Was Putting The Brake Piston Back, Brake Fluid Spewed Out.W

2001 Honda Civic. when i was putting the brake piston back to its place with a c-clamp, brake fluid was leaking out of the brake fluid container. i had taken the top off because a friend of mine had told me to but didnt tell me why. Why ... Read more

Can Some One Give Me An Estimate To What It Might Cost For These Services

On a Honda Civic or something of the like... oil change.... engine tune up.... brake job front disc.... front end wheel alignment.... this is for a school project My daughter has to list each individual price. I always do it myself, so I have no idea how much it would cost to ... Read more

How Much Will It Cost To Get New Brake Pads And Rotors

I took my car to the mechanic, 2000 Honda Civic...needs new brake pads and rotors. He gave me an estimate of about $300-400. Is this correct? ... Read more

How Much Should It Cost To Get Your Brake Pads And Rotors Replaced

I recently bought some rotors and brake pads off the internet to assembly onto my car myself. Unfortunately, I can't do the job thanks to some seriously stubborn bolts, and was wondering how much it should cost to get them put on professionally when I supply ... Read more

How Much Is A Bmw Brake Job

Does anyone know the cost of a bmw brake job (pads and rotors) with labor would cost in california from a bmw dealer? 2005 bmw 545 i ... Read more