Question About How Many Volts Does A Battery Need To Turn Over An Engine


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Definitely Alternator

Have been having problems with flickering lights (dash / headlights / interior lights) and lumpy performance through the revs. Checked voltage in Battery (which I recently replaced) and it's 12.5 volts with engine off, and 14.4 v engine on. If I turn everything on (all lights + main ... Read more

Honda C95 Power Conversion

I have a Honda C95 given from my father.. I've been working on this bike for almost 4 years. At times it did start, and even used it for like 2 months. The problem was m since it was taken for granted for how many years, ... Read more

Can You Charge A 12 Volt Car Battery With 20+ Volts

I have a small solar car battery charger/maintainer which puts out about 23 volts on a sunny day. The amperage and wattage are low but could this higher voltage damage the battery? Thanks! ... Read more

Why Do Two Car Batteries With Identical Voltage Readings Have Completely Different Carstarting Ability

My car battery was turning my car over too weakly. Its voltage reading was 12.8 volts with the car turned off after sitting a while after being driven. I bought a new battery and before installing it in the car, voltage tested it. ... Read more

Charging A Battery Bank With A Car Alternator

I have a four 6 volts deep cycle battery bank arranged to output 12 volts powering a 12 volt power inverter. The inverter has its own built-in charger as the electricity comes and goes where I live. So far so good. In case there is a ... Read more

Engine Wont Turn On, Battery Good And Will Turn…

My battery is good and turn on the light and radio, but when I try to turn it on they just crank, but the engine will not start I have a 1989 BMW 325i is all good as far as backups, many parts have been replaced, ... Read more

How To Figure Out How Many Watts My 12V Battery Can Take

Hey guys i need to figure out what i need to power my sound system in my light weight truck i have a amp that draws 1500 watts RMS i am trying to figure out what specs i need to look for in a deep cycle battery ... Read more