Question About How Many Hours Does It Take To Replace A Head Gasket On A 1989 Corvette


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Question About Head Gasket…

I will try and replace a head gasket. . . I'm not replacing, to engine parts seen on a car, but I will try to do it myself so I do not have to like $ 800 for a repair place for this to bezahlen.Hier is ... Read more

1989 Corvette Intake Manifold Oil Leak

I think I have an intake manifold gasket leak I am wanting to replace it myself with a buddy of mine who was a certified meachanic for 10 years BUT I feel bad because this guy always "helps" me on everything (i do 10% of the ... Read more

Is It Possible To Replace A 1995 Plymouth Neon Head Gasket With A 2001 Dodge Neon Head Gasket

Yes, it can (assuming both engines are 2.0 liter Single Overhead Camshafts). Your best bet is to use a Chrysler "Head-gasket" set, which will contain a new "Multi-layered Steel" head-gasket that is far superior to the original composite (paper) gasket. It will also include all the ... Read more

How Do I Fix A Blown Head Gasket

I have a 1994 Honda civic. It is old but it is my first car. It has all the signs of a blown head gasket smoke out the tailpipe, overheating, coolant smells like fumes. I don't want to put a lot of money into the ... Read more

What Make The Radiator/Coolant Hose Swell Up

I have a 98 pontiac grand am 3.1. I took the car to a garage and they wanted to replace the head gasket and the intake gasket. Do you think it might just be the intake gasket and not the head gasket? It is also leaking ... Read more

How To Replace A Head Gasket On A 1997 Dodge Neon Without Taking Off The Intake

Can You Replace A Head Gasket On A 97 Dodge Neon 2.0 Sohc Without Taking Off The Intake? And can u juss replace the head gasket and the bolts and the exhaust gaskets with out having to replace any other gaskets? ... Read more

Ford Explorer Thermostat Says Engine Is Warm, Even When It Has Been Off For Hours

My thermostat on the dashboard instrument cluster reads that the car is at running temp even when it has been off for hours and hours. It also seems to be leaking coolant and there is some play in the water pump. What could be causing this? ... Read more