Question About How Many Amps Does A Motorcycle Battery


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How Many Amps Should A Car Battery Be At

I have a 2001 VW Passat and the battery suddenly died. I have had a charger running on the battery for the last 4 hours. The charger is showing that the battery is only at 1.5 amps. Is that normal? How many amps do I have ... Read more

What Is The Difference In TrickleCharging A Car Battery At 2 Amps, 4 Amps, And 6 Amps

I am trying to rotate the three different Amperages. My Charger just indicated "75" Full on 6 Amps, so i switched it to 2 Amp Charge, what are the differences and benefits for the battery at these charge rates? ... Read more

Accessories Battery In My Car

I live in the country and we go to parties at fields and ponds a lot and i have a sound system so my car is usually used for music. Now the problem is i have two amps and i don't want to drain my main ... Read more

Charging A Motorcycle Battery

Can you use a car battery charger on a 2 amp setting to charge a motorcycle battery? ... Read more

How Long Will It Take For A Standard Size Car Battery To Charge From A Complete Drain On A Charger At 15 Amps

Also, how about a big 700 CCA truck battery? I work at a car lot and need to charge about 15 batteries. Could I link 2 or 3 together with jumper cables and charge them at the same time so long as they're parallel? Also, If ... Read more

How Many Amps Is A Car Battery

I have to buy a battery charger for my sisters car, i cant find how many amps the battery is, what is the standard amps for a car battery, so i know what size charger to buy what size battery charger should i buy to charge the ... Read more

Can You Jump Start A Dead Car Battery With A Spare Car Battery

So I have a spare small Odyssey PC680 Battery laying around that I wanted to leave inside my Honda Civic as a backup 'Battery Booster/Charger.' I'm not exactly sure how the Battery Booster work. But will I be able to jump start my dead car battery ... Read more