Question About How Long Should New Brakes Last On Cts


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How Much To Replace Rotors, Calipers, And Pads On Altima

I have a 98 nissan altima, and I've let my brakes go pretty long without changing them. They have gone past squeaking and are now grinding. I know I'll have to get pads and probably rotors for my front two wheels, but I'm not ... Read more

Anyone Else Have This Problem

I have a 2001 Nissan Altima, and every so often i get a squeaking/rubbing noise (coming from the wheel/brakes area. Though it could have been the pad rubbing against the rotor, but when i got new brakes it did it again. This noise doesnt persist for ... Read more

What Is A Caliper And How Much Does It Cost

I took my jeep in because the brakes were rubbing and they told me they had to replace a rear caliper and brakes. They also are changing the spark plugs because my Jeep has 95K miles on it and they said they were all carbed ... Read more

Mitsubishi Montero Limited 2003 My Brakes Smell Bad When Im Driving Too Long

Hello i have problem with my mitsubishi montero 2003 brakes it has new pads on it but when i drive and park my car it smells bad, what this probably cause and i took it to sears they said they need to replace my calipers and ... Read more

2005 Grand Prix GT… How Much For Brakes

I need to take my car into the garage soon, as I fear my brakes are about done. I've never had the brakes on the GT replaced before--so I have no idea how much they'll cost. Anyone have any ideas? I only have bad experience with brakes. ... Read more

Best Highperformance Brake Pads

OK, I know this is a long shot, since there's not really a category fo street rods or race cars etc, but I need a good, long lasting effective brake pad for my '80 Trans Am. It has rear disc brakes, those are the pads ... Read more

Can Bus Brakes Be Made Quieter

I ride the city bus here in Washington, DC. Sometimes, if, before me, it's a terrible screeching of the brakes of swamps that all sound. I have a feeling it is a dangerously high decibels. I assume that the brakes are hydraulic - does anyone know ... Read more