Question About How Long Does It Take To Replace Spark Plugs


Do You Need Air Tools To Change The Spark Plugs On An 03 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Asked on May 17, 2010 I know it is a long process to GET TO the spark plugs. And I mean for this particular make/model. Because it's inside the engine block. I'm pretty sure I do. Just to point out... I need to know about GETTING TO the spark plugs in this ... Read more

How Long Will It Take To Notice IF There Was A Problem Changing My Spark Plugs

Asked on Jul 11, 2010 For those of you who answered my last question thanks, this is a different one though. if one overtightened spark plugs, or undertightend the spark long or how many miles estimated would u have to drive until something goes wrong? like if one overtightened the ... Read more

What Will Happen If My Spark Plugs Go Bad

Asked on Jun 29, 2010 If the spark plugs on my car are bad, what is the engine likely to do?? i think it may be my spark plugs but idk, its a 1994 honda accord. they havent been replaced in a while, im not exactly sure how long. i just dont have money ... Read more

AUDI A4 Spark Plug / Ignition Wire PROBLEM

Asked on Dec 21, 2010 I have a 1999 Audi A4 2.8L V6, please help me with these issues: 1. i replaced my spark plugs and put on brand new Bosch Platinum +2 spark plugs and now the car is acting very weird like it has lost its power, it vibrates and ... Read more

Should I Change Spark Plug Wires Since I Am Replacing Spark Plugs

Asked on May 13, 2010 I want to replace spark plugs in my car. Primary reason is it has 80k miles and I think it needs changing. Second is spark plugs are very cheap. Only $2 per spark plug. I was wondering if I should be change spark plug wires as ... Read more

What Would Cause The Spark Plugs On A 1991 Astro Van Last Only A Month And Need To Be Replaced Frequently

Asked on May 20, 2010 I have replaced the spark plugs 3 times within the last two months. Could the van need the spark plugs with long threads instead of the short ones? ... Read more

What Do I Do With A Spark Plug That’s Very Hard To Unscrew

Asked on Mar 14, 2012 I own a 1998 Honda Civic EX and it just recently started to run really rough. A man at an EZ-Lube ran a diagnostic on it and it told him that a spark plug was misfiring. Thus, I wanted to replace all of the spark plugs. I ... Read more