Question About How Long Does It Take To Put A Coil In A Car


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’88 Oldsmobile 98 Regency That Won’t Start

I recently purchased an '88 Ninety-Eight Regency with LOW mileage (about 35,000). It sat for a long time. Long story short, it decided not to start one day. It does not seem to be getting any spark. It has gas, it has power, ... Read more

How Long Does It Usually Take For A Store To Install A Cd Stereo

I am getting a basic alpine cd player installed in my car tomorrow by best buy. How long does this usually take/or how long will i roughly be waiting? Does it only take like 20 minutes or will I be waiting a long time? ... Read more

Did I Damage The Ignition Coil Or Get A Bum Part

We have a 1985 Honda Prelude. Yesterday the car was sputtering at idle hesitating to accelerate. As the car got hotter, it ran rougher. Today, we got an oil change. Afterwards the car was running rough. We took it to our mechanic. He ran it ... Read more


Can a coil pack cause my gm 350 TBI motor to not start. When a coil pack goes out does it go out or hit and miss. My truck had a rough idle yesterday and this morning it started and about an hour after that it ... Read more

Chevy Lumina Car Troubles

I have a 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Euro 3 A V6, which has run recently, with some difficulty. The problem seems to be something coming from electrical to exposed to water. If I let him go long enough time, it will simply die when the ice melts ... Read more

How Can I Benchtest A Honda Elite Scooter Ignition Coil

I work on cars myself (not familiar with bikes) and am trying to help my buddy fix his scooter. I haven't looked at it at all, but his friend says the coil (all-in-one coil/plug wire setup) needs replacing. He brought the coil over and ... Read more

Crown Vic Suitable For Long Distance Travel

I am the proud owner of a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria. The engine itself is in prestine shape, but the subsystems seem to be starting to go. Most notably the ignition system: We had to replace the starter and the ignition coil within months of each ... Read more