Question About How Long Does It Take To Charge A Power Wheels Battery


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How Do I Charge My Car’s Battery

A 1984 Cadillac Eldorado v8 with a pretty average car battery. I have a pretty large battery charger (3.5 feet high, 1.5 feet wide on wheels) and am wondering how long it would take to charge it enough to turn it on around 3 times and ... Read more

1A Trickle Charge Import Car Battery How Long

I've got a dead import car battery sitting in my car. I haven't been using my car for about three months and about a week ago, I noticed that the anti-theft light on the radio wasn't blinking any more. I have a 1A battery trickle charger, ... Read more

How Long Does A Car Battery Charger Take To Fully Charge A Battery

My car broke down on me again and we’ve been charging the battery on an external charger for a couple of hours now so we can see if it was the battery or my alternator. I was just wondering if that’s typical or not for the ... Read more

How Long Should I Charge My Car Battery

I left my lights ons, and i took my battery out and connected it to the battery charger. Positive to positive, and negetive to negetive. How long should I leave it on for? It was pretty much completely dead. My battery charger had a switch that ... Read more

Charging A Battery Bank With A Car Alternator

I have a four 6 volts deep cycle battery bank arranged to output 12 volts powering a 12 volt power inverter. The inverter has its own built-in charger as the electricity comes and goes where I live. So far so good. In case there is a ... Read more

How Long To Charge A Car Battery With A 12 Volt 6 Amp Charger

I need to make a short trip to pizza hut but my car alternator is shot. The battery is completely drained. So how long would it take to charge the battery enough for a short trip. I'm pregnant and hungry, those two don't mix. lol ... Read more

PS2, And Charger Battery Consumption

I recently just bought the Xentrex Powersource Mobile 100 power inverter plus rechargeable battery seen here: And it works great with powering my PS2 and other game systems that dont go above 60w needed for power (or 80w if plugged into the car with a maximum spike ... Read more