Question About How Long Does It Take To Change Brakes And Rotors


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How Much To Replace Rotors, Calipers, And Pads On Altima

I have a 98 nissan altima, and I've let my brakes go pretty long without changing them. They have gone past squeaking and are now grinding. I know I'll have to get pads and probably rotors for my front two wheels, but I'm not ... Read more

Brakes Question MOT Failed.

Hello, my Nissan Almera 1996 failed the brake test during MOT, the guy said one of the brakes is 30% and other is 39% (the front two wheels), rear brakes are fine. I can change pads and rotors at home and can borrow tools from a ... Read more

My Brakes Are Low Performance, Would Changing The Rotors, Brake Pads, Or Calipers Help

Which one would do the most difference? Whenever I hit the brakes, I really have to press down alot, but my other car doesn't need as much pressure, it brakes pretty fast. What should I change? ... Read more

I Just Replaced The Rotors & Brakes Nissan Maxima 05. 16000 Miles Is This Normal How Long Should They Last

The car is a 05 nissan maxima. I replaced the back rotors and pads. How long do these normally last? I was told they should have had at least 30,000 miles on them. ... Read more

4 Wheel Disc Brake Service

First of all, my car is 1990 Mazda Miata MX-5 And I also live in so california in la mirada around border line of orange county. How much is it to service my car's brakes(it has 4 wheel disc brakes)? What shop is most dependable and the cheapest I ... Read more

I Installed New Brake Pads And Had The Front Rotors Resurfaced But

On my 01 nissan maxima i had the mechanic put new OEM japanese pads and had the rotors resurfaced. the rotors are brembo's blank not sure if they are OEM. when i drive slow and aproach to a stop sign i can hear the whistle sound ... Read more

Brake Pads+rotors+calipers

Hi, I went to my car dealership today to get oil change & tire inspection and they said I need new brake pads, both front and rear (5mm left? how bad is that? they said it's fine now but I should get it at my next ... Read more