Question About How Long Does A Distributor Cap Last


What Is The Advantages Of Using A Higher Priced Aftermarket Distributor Cap And Rotor

Asked on May 31, 2010 If my car came with AC Delco Distributor Cap & Rotor and ran perfectly, what is the rationale for upgrading to more expensive? How are they better? Please explain in detail. C'mon BFH... that is the weakest answer ever! I need more than that. ... Read more

Car Distributor

Asked on Jul 4, 2010 LONG story short- I've changed my distributor cap and rotor, plugs, fuel filter, wires etc. What could be the cause for a continous misfire? They mechanic said I may need a distributor. Is he correct? Thanks 2000 Honda civic DX ... Read more

How Do I Set The Timing On My Engine’s Distributor Cap

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Distributor Cap On A 91 Buick Roadmaster

Asked on Jun 15, 2010 If you are a distributor cap, rotor, it has a little button thing in Neath it. It is white and has a piece of metal at the end. I suppose it rotates under the distributor cap, and it sparks all cylinders. If the rotor is small ... Read more

Ford Taurus Distributor Cap

Asked on Jun 22, 2010 I have a 2000 ford Taurus my check engine light is on. I got it diagnosed they said I have a cylinder misfire. They said check my distributor cap. I called auto zone to see how much a distributor cap costs and they said my car ... Read more

I Need Help With Multiple Questions About Replacing The Distributor In My 1997 Acura Integra GSR.

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Does Someone Have A Diagram Of Where Spark Plug Wires Go On The Distributor Cap On The 4.3L Chverolet Pickup

Asked on Jun 8, 2010 I tried a new distributor cap on my truck and the one I had put on the new CAP came off now I do not know where they belong and do not want to confuse it. ... Read more