Question About How Long Does A Distributor Cap Last


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Car Distributor

LONG story short- I've changed my distributor cap and rotor, plugs, fuel filter, wires etc. What could be the cause for a continous misfire? They mechanic said I may need a distributor. Is he correct? Thanks 2000 Honda civic DX ... Read more

What Is The Advantages Of Using A Higher Priced Aftermarket Distributor Cap And Rotor

If my car came with AC Delco Distributor Cap & Rotor and ran perfectly, what is the rationale for upgrading to more expensive? How are they better? Please explain in detail. C'mon BFH... that is the weakest answer ever! I need more than that. ... Read more

How Long Can I Drive With A Leaking Distributor Cap

I will replace it as quickly as possible, but if the leak is small, how long can I go before the ride begins to damage my car because I have to drive to work and home. the performance of my car has not changed since I ... Read more

How Long Will A Distributor Assembly And Air Flow Meter Last

I have a 1998 car with nearly 80,000 km mileage. My mechanic said the distributor assembly and air flow meter had to be replaced in order to solve the black smoke and ignition problem. They are extremely costly. He asked for $750 inclusive of labour and ... Read more

How Long Would It Take To Change A Distributor, Distributor Cap, Spark Plug Wires And Spark Plugs

Also, when buying spare parts like these, would it be o.k. to get the most expensive kind from AutoZone, or should I get some O.E.M. parts from somewhere, and where is the best place to get the O.E.M. parts? ... Read more

How Long Does It Usually Take For A Store To Install A Cd Stereo

I am getting a basic alpine cd player installed in my car tomorrow by best buy. How long does this usually take/or how long will i roughly be waiting? Does it only take like 20 minutes or will I be waiting a long time? ... Read more

If It Leaks A Lil Bit Form Distributor

I have oil leak threw the o-ring and it leaks out the very bottom of my distributor cap threw a hole for the old wires. anyway there are no symptoms yet so how long could i last driving like this. i have been doing this 3 ... Read more