Question About How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last


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How Would I Change A Thermostat In 92 Buick Roadmaster

My husband and I tried to get the bolts off each side and the one bolt is extremely long. We decided to let it alone. I have a new thermostat as the car lacks heat. This would be the obvious place to start. That one bolt-how ... Read more

I Just Replaced The Thermostat In My 99 Mercury Pillager And It Will Not Put Out Heat While Idling

As long as I"m going 35 or faster the heat will blow hot and when I slow down it blows cold. I put the thermostat in just the way the diagram showed(coil spring in the thermostat housing) and wow it"s not leaking either. I would greatly ... Read more

How Long Do You Wait For The Sealant To Dry When Replacing A Thermostat

I am working on a Plymouth Acclaim in 1991, not that it does not matter. How long can I drive the car? ... Read more

Do You Need A Thermostat In A 1988 Dodge Caravan

I'm living in the mid-South and I have a 1988 Dodge Caravan. It is much too hot. If the thermostat is removed, that would help the problem? What other suggestions would you resolve this problem, to think that? Go to it overheating after about 10 minutes, ... Read more

What Happens If I Run My 2001 Malibu Without A Thermostat

I recently had someone look at my car because it was overheating and throwing out all the coolant they figured it could have been a problem with the waterpump or thermostat, so they removed the thermostat from my car and said that I could run my ... Read more

I Have A 1994 Honda Civic That Is Overheating Can I Drive Without The Thermostat

I took the thermostat out and it runs cool! i also have the fan wired straight to the battery! i am getting ready for a long trip and i need to see if i can drive 1300 miles without it and get one put in as ... Read more