Question About How Long Can I Leave A 10 Amp Charger On My Car Battery


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How Long Can You Leave A Solar Battery Charger Hooked Up To Your Auto

My car battery goes dead if I don't start it every 2-3 days. I want to go away for 2 weeks or so.. would I be able to leave a solar battery charger hooked up to my auto for that amount of time? I haven't bought ... Read more

Can Someone Tell Me Why It Is Bad To Leave A Car Battery On A Charger All The Time When It Is Out Of The Car

Can someone tell me why it is bad to leave a car battery on a charger all the time when it is out of the car. How often does it need to be charged when its not being used. Its out of a 99 Pontiac Trans ... Read more

How Long Does A Car Battery Take To Recharge

I have a hyundai that hasn't been used for about 2 years and it has just been sitting there. I bought a special car battery charger to trickle electricity into it. How long will it take? Last night i guess i left it for 4-5 hours and when ... Read more

How Long Should I Charge My Car Battery

I left my lights ons, and i took my battery out and connected it to the battery charger. Positive to positive, and negetive to negetive. How long should I leave it on for? It was pretty much completely dead. My battery charger had a switch that ... Read more

Would This Drain My Car Battery

I know that on some cars, the power from the cigarette lighter goes off when you turn the car off. However, in my car, that is not the case, if I turn my car's engine off, I can still plug a phone charger or or my ... Read more

How Do I Charge My Cars Battery With A Charger What Volts, What Settings

My hummer's battery is dead after not driving it for two weeks. I thought it was a bad battery but when i brought it to autozone they charged it for 4-5 hours and it was working perfectly again. I was curious what setting i ... Read more

Charging Time For A Car Battery

I have an electric scooter with a car battery running it. i charge the scooter with my 2/10 amp (selectable) car battery charger. if the battery is fully charged, is it bad to leave the charger going? say if i leave the house for a couple ... Read more