Question About How High Should The Temperature Gauge Go On My Car


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Why Does My Temperature Gauge Move Up After My Car Is Off.

I have a 2000 chevy s10. i just put a new alternator and battery in it. when i turn the truck off the temperature gauge goes to 0. i take the key out, sit for a minute and watch. then the gauge will jump up to ... Read more

Mazda Miata 93 High Oil Pressure Gauge When Engine Is Not Warmed Up.

First problem, the oil pressure gauge is very high, at 6 when the engine is jsut turned on and with the aircon on, but when temperature reaches normal level, the oil pressures returns at 4 when idle with aircon.. what could be the problem? also, when ... Read more

Do Chrome Rims Cause A Higher Car Temperature

I installed a set of 4 18' inch chrome MB Design CLS rims with Z rated tires and i noticed that when iam running on high speeds (70-100mph) the temperature gauge stick goes close to hitting 3/4 of the gauge...this didnt happen when i had the ... Read more

95 Honda Civic Lx Overheating

Yesterday i drove my honda civic on road, it got overheating. the coolant came out like steam and boiled water from the cap of reservoir. the temperature gauge hit the red zone. I added some coolant and drove the car again. the temperature hit red again. ... Read more

My 91 Legend Temperature Gauge Keeps Goin Up, What Could Be The Problem

About a month ago my temperature gauge kept goin to the top so i replaced the oil pump,water pump, and radiator not just for that but for a major tune-up it needed. anti freeze would leak everywhere during that time. However after all that new stuff ... Read more

A Total Dillema Bout Auto Engine Temperature..please Help

I have a 1990 model car. I always take note of the temperature gauge before stopping the engine from a long drive, but as soon as i switch on the ignition key (without starting the engine), like after a minute or two, i notice that the ... Read more

When A Car Overheats From A Blown Head Gasket Would The Temperature Gauge In The Dashboard Fluctuate Up And

Down, going from the 3/4 mark then dropping to the 1/2 mark and back up again. Or would it slowly keep rising to the top of the gauge without dropping down in temperature? Or maybe could the fluctuating up and down gauge sound more ... Read more