Question About How Far Can I Drive My Car Without Coolant


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My Car Overheated.. I Put Some Coolant.. How Long Will It Take The Coolant To Kick In It Is Still Overheating

My 98 Honda Civic just overheated.. when i got off the car I noticed something leaked from my car.. could this be coolant.. when i opened the ood i noticed there was no more coolant in there so i proceed to add some with some water,, ... Read more

Coolant Leak Bad Head Gasket Or…

I have a 1991 Honda Civic DX hatchback with a somewhat new motor. It's a partially new D15B2(single cam, non-vtec) that was put in almost a year ago. (you can tell it's almost new. It's extremely clean) A few weeks ago I took a look at ... Read more

Loosing Coolant Of My Honda Civic 94.

I filled coolant reservisor upto max mark and also poured coolant into radiator. but after 3 - 4 days there was no coolant. I again put some coolant and it lost again. My car's temp gauage showing overheating. Today I observed white smoke in and some ... Read more

Reason For White Smoke Coming From Car While Driving

I drive a 1990 Cadillac El Dorado and I have been having problems with my car burning up coolant. But tonight while 200 miles away from home white, sweet smelling smoke started coming up from my hood. Checked the temperature on my car and it was ... Read more

94 Honda Civic 66000 Miles. Can I Drive Home 250 M With A Cracked Head Gasket W/o Engine Damage

I am in my last semester of college and recently my car has been acting up and began to overheat, lose coolant at a rapid pace, and the honda mechanic said that I have a cracked head gasket. They say that the repair costs will run ... Read more

My Car Broke Down It Overheated…we Put Coolant In It But It Wasn’t Enough…. Help Please

I have a 98 Honda Civic. The car broke down. It wont drive. We pulled over and a man helped us. The thing is he put water in the radiator I think. Its next where you put the coolant. It ran for a lil bit, then ... Read more

97 Saturn SL1 Has Oil In Coolant, But No Coolant In Oil.

At the last oil change, I found the oil level about 2 quarts low, and when I looked at the coolant reservoir it had overflowed with oily goo. I guess that the oil had leaked into the coolant, but there was no coolant in the ... Read more