Question About How Do You Replace The Distributor Cap On 1995 F150


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I Need A Part For A 88 F150 Distributor. It’s A Bushing Or Sleeve That Goes Above The Gear.

The new distributors have a different one that the existing distributor and I can't replace the distributor. Any ideas what this part is called or where you can get one? ... Read more

I Put A New Distributor Cap On But And My 1995 F150 Still Won’t Start In Wet Weather Any Ideas

I put a new distributor cap on but and my 1995 f-150 still won't start in wet weather! any ideas? ... Read more

What Size Is A 1995 F150 Tail Light Bulb

Need to replace the tail light bulb in my 95 f150. Want to replace with an LED bulb and dont know what size bulb fits into the socket ... Read more

1995 Ford F150 5 Speed Shifter

I have a 1995 Ford F150 2 wheel drive with a 5 spd manual. A few weeks ago I was having problems getting it to go into any gear. The clutch probably has 60K on it or so. After 160K miles the shifter ... Read more

1995 K1500 No Start, Replace Distributor Cap

I replaced my distributor cap on my 1995 Chevy k1500 5.7L. I put the spark plug wires on wrong and it didnt start right. Now i have the spark plug wires on right and it wont start. I think i read something about having the ... Read more

They Say I Need A Ignition Coil & Distributor Pick Up, Cost $400 Parts & To Do The Job

The Guy at the garage where my 1995 Ford F150 XLT is at says my truck needs two parts.... an Ignition coil and a part called a Pick up that I guess is located inside the distributor.(Truck would not start up completely while it was raining ... Read more

What Is The Firing Order/plug Location/distributor Rotation For A 94 F150 5.0

I sent my truck to the shop for a blown head gasket. When I got it back it misses and the fuel milage is about 1/2 of what it was. Tech says it came in that way. Before I go to another shop to have it ... Read more