Question About How Do U Tell If Ignition Switch Is Bad


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On My Old Ford 9N Tractor I Get Shocked Through The Key When I Try To Start It. Bad Ignition Switch Or Other

I also have had a small battery drain the past year so I have to unplug the battery so it doesn't run dead. This past week I can not get it started or if it does run for a few minutes it then just dies ... Read more

What Sort Of Additional Electrical Damage Could A Faulting Audi A4 Ignition Switch Cause

I started my '97 A4, headlights would not come on, then car stuttered and died. Radio would not turn off with key; obviously my ignition switch died. I put a new ignition switch in which fixed the other electrical problems but car won't crank ... Read more

Im Trying To Find A IGNITION SWITCH Online But I Went To And

They had a picture like this one I have a 1990 buick riviera AC Delco Ignition Switch 1990-1991 Buick Riviera"AC DELCO OE REPLACEMENT IGNITION SWITCH -- OE Design Ignition Lock Cylinder And Switch, A High Quality And Direct Fit Part, Optimizes Engine Performance While Monitoring Vehicle Electronics, Engineered ... Read more

Our 1997 Audi A4 V6 Ignition Switch Leading To Starter Failure

Our 1997 audi a4 with V6 ignition switch started acting up last thursday. The key was hard to engage and the key wouldn't spring back after starting the car -- it had to manually be pulled back. Our son drove the car on friday ... Read more

Audi A4 96 ….my Key Wont Go Into My Ignition All Of A Sudden

Is my ignition switch broken or is is worse than that. How much is an igniton switch; how much is the labor? ... Read more

Location Of Ignition Switch On 1998 Ford Windstar GL

It does not have an anti-theft system. The ignition switch is hanging by the pedals and I need to know where its orginal location was so I can put it back. Pictures of the location would help. The engine does not start with ... Read more

Ok Im Trying To Change My In Column Ignition Switch

I have a 1988 ford f-150 and i am changing the in column ignition switch i pulled the old switch and the tail end ( the actuator i think) is broken off is there a way to get that out with out drilling it. can ... Read more