Question About How Do Quadrajet Secondaries Work


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How Do I Get My Seccondarys To Open On My Quadrajet Carburetor. Is It Vacuum Activated

I have a sbc 350 02 crate motor. with a quadrajet carburetor i believe its a 750 cfm because its off a 76 stingray. the stingray had a 350 sbc. im not familiar with a quadra jet. but switched to it bec of reliability issues with ... Read more

Have A 600 Cfm Holley With Manual Choke And Vacuum Secondaries

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What Would Be The Right Carburetor For My 1977 Nova 350

The other day i wanted to get a 454 for my Nova but all of the work to make it happen to way to expensive so I got a Chevy 350 for free from one of my uncles and i have decided to buy a Edelbrock ... Read more

Holley Vs. Edelbrock Vs. Demon

I am on a quest for a carburetor for my 1967 Ford F-100 and need a few questions answered that I could not find anywhere else. 1. I have a Holley 600cfm on my Mustang (302cu) and get between 19-20 mpg average on the highway so would ... Read more

What Is Wrong With My Carb On My 1978 Chevy Silverado , It Has A 5 Year Old GM Crate In It., Only 30,000 Miles

My grandad gave the truck to me before he passed, and my sisters boyfriend put a carb on it and it came off a 80's camaro. it never would kick in the 4 barrel. i put a champion rebuilt carb on it that was just ... Read more

What Is The Most Fuel Efficient Carburetor Between Edelbroock And Holley

I am interested in buying a new carburator for my chevy truck, but I want the most fuel efficient carburator between these two brands. It is a 350 cu in stock engine with a 4 bbl quadrajet carburator, that isn`t in a very good condition (The engine ... Read more

350 Chevy Sb. Edelbrock 650 Cfm Carb Performer Intake Manifold

How can i make my secondaries on my carburetor louder. i hear carbs all the time screaming as on all my friends sbc engines. but i cant seem to hear mine. why is this and how can i fix this, do i need a carb spacer ... Read more