Question About Honda Interceptor Overheating


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92 Honda Civic LX Overheating

92 Honda Civic LX overheating, new water pump, new thermostate. When overheating, can turn on heater, and fan, then the temperture goes down and all is well. What could the problem be. Also, AC works, but car will stall, when idling, my car is ... Read more

91 Honda Civic Overheating… Again

I have a 91 honda civic. I've been having overheating issues for a while. First I replaced the thermostat. Still overheating. Ended up replacing all hoses, radiator and cap, water pump, timing belt, and heat gasket. Worked fantastic for a couple ... Read more

Is A 2004 P71 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor A Good Car For A College Student

I was considering purchasing a retired 2004 Police Interceptor with about 95,000 miles for $5000. Anyone have any advice regarding the decision? What kind of insurance rates should I expect with a 4 door sedan with a 4.6L V8? Is it a reliable car? Is it ... Read more

I Have A 1995 Honda Civic That Keeps Overheating, Any Ideas

I have replaced the radiator and the water pump. It was fine for a week and then it started to overheat again. I have no idea why, the only thing I can think of is that the oil needs to be changed, would that have anything ... Read more

Why Is My 1996 Honda Civic Lx Overheating

My honda is overheating and Ive replaced the radiator, thermostat, hoses, fan relay, and it still overheats and my fan wont turn on. I hooked my fan up to the battery and it seams to work fine please help me with my problem should I replace ... Read more

Car Overheating Need A Second Opinion

Hi, i have a 1994 honda civic. it overheats from time to time, but not always. every time it overheats, i noticed coolant leaking from the bottom of the car near the radiator. I took it to a honda dealer repair shop, and they told me ... Read more

1992 Honda Civic Overheating & Losing Coolant

Hi, Last year, this car overheated constantly. Opening the heat vents would result in the temp. guage falling from the red zone. Finally, it overheated most of a trip to Chicago. Took it to Honda, they said thermostat and radiator. I had Honda ... Read more