Question About Honda Civic 2003 Headlights Reminder Beeper Not Working


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Does A 1995 Honda Civic LX Have A Headlight Beeper

I had a 87 accord lx, and when I left my headlights on after turning the car off a chime or beeping noise would play. Does the 1995 honda civic lxs have this feature? ... Read more

Tail Light Bulb Works, But Brake Light Does Not

So, apparently all the lights are working fine at the back of my 2003 honda civic WHEN the FRONT lights are turned ON. Everything seems to be in working order at NIGHT TIME or when the headlights are activated. However, when it's daytime and the headlights ... Read more

Will A 2006 Honda Civic Si Coupe Headlights Fit On A 2006 Honda Civic Ex Coupe

I accidently ordered some after market si headlights instead of the ex/dx/lx ones for my car, i tryed to tell the seller on ebay but he says sales are final that when i recieved the product i would have to call customer service for that, but ... Read more

What’s The Difference Between Euro And Obx Headlights

I'm looking for projector headlights for my 2003 Honda Civic (black). I noticed that two different types are available on ebay. If you know of a place where I can get a really good deal on these lights, please let me know! ... Read more

Honda Civic Dashboard Light Problems

My honda civic dashboard dimmer turns less bright when i turn my headlights all the way on, but when i turn my headlights off the dashboard lights right up, how do i make them stay super bright when i turn my head lights on? i have ... Read more

2004 Honda Civic Headlight Reminder Buzzer Has Stopped Working, How To Fix It

I have looked in the manual which makes mention of the feature but no explanation of what to do if it fails, I would think it is a fuse of some sort, but see no mention of it in the fuse section of the owners manual. ... Read more