Question About Honda 5 Speed Manual Stuck In Gear


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I Have A 98 2.4 Cavalier With Manual Transmission. My Shifter Won’t Move Left Or Right And Stuck In 1st Gear.

I have a 98 2.4 Cavalier with manual Transmission. my shifter won't move left or right and stuck in 1st gear. the engine and clutch are only a year old and i had the transmission replaced about 2 months ago. Yesterday i put it in reverse to ... Read more

What Does It Mean When A Clutch Does This…

It was perfectly fine when I parked the vehicle. Or so i thought. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I was driving in third, pulled into the space, and put it in first gear. When I came back ... Read more

How To Get A Gear Unstuck

I have a 1976 chevy 1/2 350 small block with a 3 speed manual shifter that is stuck in reverse right now. How do i get the linkage unstuck ... Read more

1990 Mazda Miata Won’t Shift Gears

I have a 1990 Mazda Miata with a manual transmission. Just today, my shifter was stuck in reverse gear and I can't move my shifter to put it into another gear. Funny thing is, I can slide the gear back into first and second, ... Read more

Random Manual Transmission Driving Question.

Question, can anybody tell me what happens if i'm going top speed on 3rd gear and then release the gas without touching the clutch or the shifter. Will the car maintain the minimum speed for 3rd gear or will it continuously decrease speed like an ... Read more

Is My ATV Manual Or Automatic

I have a Chinese ATV,I am trying to wonder if its manual because when I drive the first gear goes for a bit then the engine starts acting weird,and that also happens to second one as well but in third it doesn't but has a ... Read more

67 Mustang 3speed Manual Transmission Stuck In Gear.

Went to work this morning, (67Mustang 289 3spd)took a turn while i was in third, went to downshift and the shifter was stuck. Clutch linkage works fine. Anyway to troubleshoot? Any suggestions, or links would help. Also my transmission is out of a 66 mustang, my ... Read more