Question About Holley Carb 4412 3


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How MUCH More Gas Will A Holley 4 Barrel 600 Cfm Carburetor Waste Compared To

How MUCH more gas will a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carburetor waste compared to a Holley 2 barrel 600 cfm carb? I have a 85 Ford F-150 with a 302 5.0 in it. I want to put a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carb in it, ... Read more

Holley 4 Barrel 600 Cfm Questions……………

(((I asked a similar question but got 2 bad answers out of 3. So here goes take 2.))) I have a 1985 Ford F-150 with a 5.0 302 in it. I want to put in a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carb because i want some pretty ... Read more

Model 7RT Carburetor

My 48 Ford f6 has what is called a model 7rt carb. that is all that is on the carb and i am looking for a carb kit so i can hopefully get it running. Does anyone know if this is a Holley, or what ... Read more

Holley Carburetor Questions AM I OVER CARBED

Ok, I have a 68' Plymouth Cuda and a 670 cfm vacuum secondary electric choke, holley street avenger 4 barrel carb with 70 jets in it, there is a few mods to the motor but not too many, it is bored .030 over stock ... Read more

Holley Carburetor Conflict Help

I just put on a holley carb, and the gas was percolating. When i put on my heat shield and spacer, i accidentally overtightened the base of the carb and it snapped off right across a vacuum passage. I took one off the same ... Read more

GM 350 , Carburetor PLs HELP

I just got a reman. holly II carb a.k.a. (rochester quadrajet) The choke thing on the holley has an air port, and my old carb has an electric wire connecting the choke. Is there a way i can convert the carb to either electrical ... Read more

Holley Idling Very High.

I just put a new holley carb base plate on my carburetor (also holley). But now, when i drive it, then i come to a stop, the truck wants to keep on going as if the throttle is still open. It also revs very ... Read more