Question About Fuse Keeps Blowing In Gmc Jimmy


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Trouble On Dash Panel Lights Keep Blowing The Fuse On 2001 Dodge RAM

I replace the fuse, and then I go to turn on my headlights, and all the dash panel goes out, but the headlights, the push lights, and radio all stay on. Originally, there was a 5 fuse in its place, so I put in a ... Read more

A Fuse Keeps Blowing In My Car….. Wtf

I recently (about 4 months ago) bought new after-market taillights for my 1997 Honda Civic LX. The car has two fuses for the taillights, one under the dash and one under the hood, the 15A fuse under the hood is the one that is constantly blowing ... Read more

Chevy Tahoe 2005 Keep Blowing IGNE/relays Then Loose/do I Need A New Fusebox Dead Short

It was towed to a mechanic who said there was a dead short, and that it was affecting the BCM.W/ it having a security system I was advised to take it to the install place (audio and security). There they said it was a bad ... Read more

How High Can I Raise My 1997 Gmc Jimmy

IM looking to lift my 1997 gmc jimmy. Ive seen the small suspension lifts at canadian tire for the leaf springs, and i can make those myself. I was going to use a thicker metal and make it quite a bit larger, as for the front... ... Read more

Ignition Fuse Keeps Blowing

I have a 1992 AWD Turbo eagle talon and It first started haveing a tough time getting started, I would have to give it gas to get it to start then it would run fine. Then today i leave my house and the car just shuts ... Read more

ECMB Fuse Blows

I have been trying to figure out why I keep blowing the ECMB fuse on my sons 1990 G20 van. It blows as soon as it is replaced. I checked all visible wires for shorts. One of the injector wires was flattened by the air cleaner. ... Read more

My Kicker Zx460 Amplifier Is Blowing Fuses Help

I've been though three 30 amp fuses already. The first one, was the one it came with and blew shortly after I played music. The second one was cheap and melted on me and I took it out before it blew on me. For the third ... Read more