Question About Frozen Car Battery


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Car Won’t Start. Checked Battery Found It Was Frozen. Is This Normal

I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho (cold between 0 and 32 degrees). My car would not start so I checked the battery power. Charger was less than 2 amps. I pulled the cell covers and found the battery cells were frozen. Is this normal; This is ... Read more

03 Ford Windstar SE Frozen Compressor…Is There An Easy Fix

I have a 2003 Ford Windstar SE I need help with figuring out how to fix it. The Problems: The van starts without the serpentine belt but it wont start with it on. There's no radiator fluid The battery is perfect The ac compressor is frozen and wont move and so my ... Read more

Need Help Unplugging Male And Female Wire Harness Plugs.. They Are FROZEN

I'm trying to remove a distributor out of a 1995 honda civic. Part of the procedure involves disconnecting male and female wireharness plugs and one of the plugs are simply frozen shut. I've tried seperating them with pliers,, brute force and they barely budge. Is there ... Read more

Frozen Bolt On Tie Rod Please Help

So my dad and i are removing the tie rod and drag link to replace it, but there is a problem. There is a bolt on the end of the tie rod which goes through a hole in a piece of steel that connects it to ... Read more

1999 Ford Contour Will Not Crank.

Battery, both cables, starter & solenoid are good and good under a load also. Engine will not crank. Have power to fuel system and coil packs, have power at starter and solenoid. Will not crank over when jumped directly at solenoid. Heard ignition switch might be ... Read more

Will An Engine Turn Over With A Failed Crankshaft Position Sensor

I have a no-crank, no-start condition, with power at all the appropriate locations. Battery, starter, coil packs, fuel system, neutral safety switch, ignition switch are all good.Engine is not frozen. I have power to all accesories inside and out, power does NOT cut out to accesories ... Read more

Ford Mondeo 1.9 Car Battery Going Dead

Hello all, My car battery went dead a couple of weeks ago. I got myself a battery charger and got the car to start. I drove it around for about half and hour. But the next morning, the battery was dead. From the past month or so, i ... Read more