Question About Front Wheel Bearing Assembly Diagram For 1995 Ford F150


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1995 Ford F150 FWD Front Spindle And Axle Assembly

Need a picture or illustrated parts breakdown for a 1995 Ford F150 FWD front spindle and axle assembly? I am not sure how much force to use in disassembly of the rusted spindle and if I knew for sure what disassembly was required for each ... Read more

I Just Changed The Right Wheel Bearing & Hub On My 93 Saturn Sl2, Now The Steering Is Messed Up

I had to adjust the outer tie rod end in order to try to keep the wheels relatively aligned, it kinda looks like I may have over adjusted it, but not by much (the wheel is at an angle maybe 1 cm off from where it ... Read more

I Need Step By Step Instructions On Changing A Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly On A 01 Explorer Sport 4wd

I need to know is the hub assembly all i need or do i need an axle bearing or some kinda seal kit too. what tools do i need (socket size, special seal pullers or special stuff). this is the fourth bearing on the ... Read more

Ford F150 96 Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Removal From The Shaft

2 piece drive shaft, 3 u-joints and a slip yoke, to pull the carrier bearing assembly off the shaft ... I removed the support bracket, cut off the rubber cushion, but how does the non-rotating part w a flange (bearing shield?) come off the shaft? Is ... Read more

Steering Wheel Problem

A 93 ford f150 has a steering wheel problem when we turn it does not come back to center smoothly is this due to a bearing or bushing that has worn out the whee3l is lose and when we turn it it feels like it will ... Read more

1995 Ford F150 5 Speed Shifter

I have a 1995 Ford F150 2 wheel drive with a 5 spd manual. A few weeks ago I was having problems getting it to go into any gear. The clutch probably has 60K on it or so. After 160K miles the shifter ... Read more

How Do I Remove The Front Passenger Drive Axle On A 91 Ford Explorer 4wd

I am currently an auto tech student and one of the best in my class but I have only been wrenchin for bout four months now and I took a side job this weekend fixin my neighbors ball joints And apparently I bit off more than ... Read more