Question About Ford Taurus Theft Mode Reset


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How Do I Bypass The PATS Antitheft System On My 1997 Ford Expedition Or Reset It So It’ll Start With My Key

I misplaced my key and some idiot-ass locksmith kept sticking non-PATS keys into my ignition until the anti-theft system went into starter disable mode. Then I found my key, but now the anti-theft system isn't recognizing my original PATS key. I heard that it can be ... Read more

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How Do You Reset The Antitheft System After Changing Ignition Switch In 2001ford Taurus

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I Need To Know How To Reset The Ignition Key Lock For A Ford 2003 Explorer

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How Hotwire 1997 Ford Taurus

My 1997 Ford Taurus ignition lock won't start my car. When I put the key in and turn, it feels like it has no resistance and feels like its broke. I work about a 1:50 mins from my house and need to hotwire it to get ... Read more