Question About Ford Ranger Transmission Synchronizer


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Ford Ranger Speedometer

I have a 1993 ford ranger xlt. One day i was driving down the road, and the speedometer, flipped over to the other side, so the needle is like buried at over 85mph. I checked the wire going to the transmission, and all the fuses, and ... Read more

Ford Ranger Manual Transmission Is Hard To Put In Overdrive

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger extended cab with 450,000 miles. I just did a auto to manual trans swap. The new transmission works fine except when I try to put it in overdrive I have to force the shifter up (reverse just below it works ... Read more

What Does A Slave Cylinder Do On A ’94 Ford Ranger

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Transmission Leak Hydraulic Clutch

I got a 94 ford ranger 3.0 six cylinder engine, with a hydraulic clutch. i have a leak some where in the transmission, i have to add brake fluid to it every day or two. is there a way to fix this at home with out ... Read more

1987 Ford Ranger Lug Pattern And A 9397 Explorer Lug Pattern

Will the pattern from both of these vehicles match, or will be they be to different to change out. I want to put the explorer wheels on my 1987 Ford Ranger. Here are the specs on the Ford Ranger. Diagram 1 S.NoYearMakeModelBolt PatternVehicle ... Read more

I Have A Ford Ranger Flare Side Truck And I Want To Mount A Frame Mounted Hitch But…..

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