Question About Ford Focus Flickering Lights


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2008 Ford Focus Aftermarket Accessories

Where could I buy smoked tail lights and headlights for a 2008 Ford Focus? Also, for the chrome grill, is there any way to make it black without buying a whole new grill? Thanks ... Read more

If The Speedometer On A Ford Focus Doesnt Work, How Would I Fix It

2002 ford focus- speedometer just stopped working. Could it be a loose wire or a fuse- and what part of the car would I have to rip off to see? 2002 ford focus- if it is the sensor, how much would it cost to fix? ... Read more

Ford Focus PATS System

How can i tell if my 00 focus zx3 has a PATS encrypted key? It looks like a regular key. I have been having ignition problems and jamming. It would turn over after tapping on it. Now the key turns and the lights come on but ... Read more

Why Does My 2000 For Focus Keep Stalling

I'm having a problem I believe may be related to the fuel system of my 2000 Ford Focus. The car runs fine at high revs and on the freeway, but stutters and, eventually, stalls when idling at low revs (stopped at traffic lights for example). My ... Read more

2003 Ford Focus Svt

Just baught a 2003 ford focus svt and i want to start modding it. do any one have any opinions how to start. like cold air intakes and stuff like that. i dont think i want to do forced induction just yet. and does ... Read more

Where Can I Find A Turbo Kit For My 2004 Ford Focus Pzev 2.3L

I need more pull! I'm looking for any forced induction system for my 2004 Ford Focus PZEV 2.3L If anyone knows anything CA legal that can help please tell me. I need this econocar to be a little beast. Why? Because it cracks ... Read more

2005 Ford Focus ZX4 Exhaust Tip

I'm looking for an exhaust tip for a 05 Ford Focus ZX4 but I've only been able to find tips for the ZX3 & ZX5. Does anyone know if these parts are compatible with my ZX4 or ware I can find a tip for the ZX4? Heres ... Read more