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Where In The Engine Is The Oil Filter Located On A 1999 FORD F150 4.6L V8 2WD

This is the 4th F150 I have owned and I have found the first 3 oil filters on the last 3 F150's with ease but apparently I cant seem to find the oil filter on this one. ... Read more

2000 Ford F150 Feedback

Question: 2000 Ford F150 Feedback, I am contemplating about buying a 2000 Ford F150 with 80K miles, it has the five.4 engine and its a 4x4. What sort of gasoline mileage can I anticipate? Any issues with this truck? thanksBest answer for 2000 Ford F150 Feedback12mpg metropolis ... Read more

What Is The Firing Order For Spark Plugs On A 98 Ford F150

I have a 4.2 V6 98 Ford F150, I am replacing the spark plugs, however I cannot figure out where each plug goes on either end. The numbers confuse me so I need a detailed description. Thank you so much. ... Read more

Has Anyone Put A Throttle Body Spacer On A 1997 To 2003 Ford F150 With A 5.4 Triton

I am considering a throttle body spacer for a mod on my 99 f150 ext cab with a 5.4 but have not yet made the purchase i want to know what the results are from someone who has done this modification or knows someone that has ... Read more

Power Gains On A 2006 Ford F150 5.4l

I have a 2006 ford f150 4x4 with a 5.4l and i have a K&N cold air intake, magnaflow catback exhaust, and an edge evolution power programmer. What other modifications could i buy to give me more power. (excluding turbo kits or superchargers) ... Read more

2008 Ford F150 Magnaflow Custome Exhaust

My dad has an 08 f150 XLT with the chrome package and I'd like to surpirse him with an exhaust. I'm only 17 so I cant afford to get him a full exhaust kit from Flowmaster or Magnaflow but on craigslist I found 2 magnaflow boxes can ... Read more

What Is This New F150 Ford Truck

I saw a new Ford truck today. It was new from the showroom floor, still had the sticker in the window. There was a strong four-door with big tires, chrome rims, and a giant issued fender side (not on the tires, but modified on the side ... Read more