Question About Ford Escape Wont Start Security


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I Have A 1994 Poniac Bonneville, And The Security Light Is Flashing.

It also isnt starting when it is flashing. I dont know what it is. I have heard i need a computer moduale. Is that really all I need. I just got a remote start, keyless entry, and alarm put in like 4 months ago and the ... Read more

Ford Escape Wheel Spacers

Hey , i got 265/35r22 tires on my escape and i need spacers for the rims so they dont rub on the carriage and i was wondering if aluminum would be ok from a hgih end brand such as Eibach or H&R and what woudl you ... Read more

My Car Wont Start,, Is It Because Of Stock Alarm

I have a 03 trailblazer. I installed a 791xv viper alarm. The car wont start now. Today while I was driving, the security light on the dash board turned on. Now that I try to start it, it wont start. The thing is that I dont ... Read more

Ford Car 98 Left Ignition Open To Long How Do I Reset The Security System

I was trying to find a sort circuit on the fuse box and now the lock ssystem wont letme start the car, thank you ford. ... Read more

Problem With 2007 Ford Escape

Question: Problem With 2007 Ford Escape, Following driving my motor vehicle, when I flip off the engine and park it, I noticed a "spewing" tone but there was not any smoke. This was very last night so this morning, I checked all stages and all are ... Read more

How To Replace A Ford Escape Stereo

I recently bought a used '02 Ford Escape. The CD player did not work, so my husband bought me a new Kenwood car stereo. We had to pry the old one out of the dash. Now my key less entry won't work and the key has ... Read more

2001 Chevrolet Malibu Wont Start

I started the car this morning and it fired right up and I drove to work. When I went to go to lunch it will not start. I turn the key over and nothing happens. Problems I have had in the most recent past were that I ... Read more