Question About Ford Escape Anti Theft Cold Weather Wont Start


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How Do I Bypass The PATS Antitheft System On My 1997 Ford Expedition Or Reset It So It’ll Start With My Key

I misplaced my key and some idiot-ass locksmith kept sticking non-PATS keys into my ignition until the anti-theft system went into starter disable mode. Then I found my key, but now the anti-theft system isn't recognizing my original PATS key. I heard that it can be ... Read more

How To Reset Anti Theft System On 2000 Ford Excursion

Theft light blinks fast when ignition turned on. Have 3 keys that all worked and now none work. ... Read more

1998 Ford Mustang GT Ignition

OK. I have a 1998 Mustang GT. Yesterday I went to the store. Car was running fine. No problems what so ever. I came back, went home for a minute, got back into the car. Car wont start...Now I got two people telling me different ... Read more

The Interchangeable Parts of Ford Car

I am living in Chile and I am in the process of buying a Ford Escape 2008 petrol 2.3. However, I will be moving to South Africa later this year, and I was planning to take the vehicle. I learned that Ford South Africa does not ... Read more

Can’t Get 1997 Ford Expedition To Start…

I recently replaced the heater core in my expedition but now cant get the car started. I believe the issue is related to the theft system. When I turn my ignition to "on" all the lights come on for the check except the theft light. In ... Read more

Location Of Ignition Switch On 1998 Ford Windstar GL

It does not have an anti-theft system. The ignition switch is hanging by the pedals and I need to know where its orginal location was so I can put it back. Pictures of the location would help. The engine does not start with ... Read more

How Does Bad Spark Plugs Affect A Car From Staring In Cold Weather

My car wouldn't start and we found out it was the spark plugs. It would start when it was warmer out, but it's been in the negatives lately.I finally got it fixed and that's the reason why it wouldn't start. I'm just curious why cold ... Read more