Question About Ford 351w Firing Order Distributor Diagram


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1986 Ford F150 Distributor Cap Firing Order Identify Changed Out Motor.

I think the firing order and location of the spark plug wires on the distributor cap of my truck are wrong. The motor has been changed out of the truck before we got it. How do I identify the motor in it to look ... Read more

How Important Is To Know The Firing Order In A Vehicle When Changing Spark Plugs

I don't have the repair manual for a Ford Taurus 1996 V6 3.0 litres,so i don't know the firing order,i am not replacing the distributor cap,only the the firing order very important when changing the plugs? Thanks in advance. ... Read more

Hi I Need Help With The Chevy Firing Order On The Distributor Cap

I know its 18436572 but i have a hei distributor with vacuum advance and i was wondering would you where i can find like a diagram of the distributor cap so i can connect the spark plug wires. my distributor is not points style its hei ... Read more

A Chevy ’89 Suburban With A 350 5.7 Wont Start Timing Or Distributor Spark

Okay when i got this truck a week ago it was running kind of weird it wouldnt idle right and would not have the power you should get out of a 350 5.7liter so i put new spark plugs in new wires new distributor button and a ... Read more

88 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Spark Plug/distributor Cap Firing Problem.

I have an 88 jeep cherokee laredo 4.0L. When changing my spark plug wires, I made a mistake and removed them all at the same time. I found a diagram in the chiltons manual, but it seems backwards(more than likely, I'm looking at it wrong). ... Read more

I Need An Actual Pic To See How The Plug Wires Go From Spark Plug On Engine To Distributor Cap.

I have the firing order, thanks to chevrolet, but my friend thinks the way it was before was so wrong, now we're both dazed and confused. Sorry, I need to see a pic of the firing order from plugs to distributor cap for 95 chevy blazer V6 ... Read more

What Is The Firing Order For A 1991 VW Golf, German Spec

It is a 1.8i engine.I have changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires and distributor cap but now the car won't start. When we try it sounds like it is going to and then it sounds like it is releasing air. Some people have ... Read more