Question About Finding Top Dead Center Chevy 350 And Setting The Timing


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Understanding Top Dead Center

Hey all, i just bought a 1990 Acura Legend V6 5 Speed Coupe, and it has a broken Water Pump so i will be replacing this as well as the timing belt while im in there. anyways, i understand most of the timing belt procedures but ... Read more

What Torque Setting Should I Use

The differential in my 1963 chevy 1/2 ton pickup ate a bearing. It was the one on the "third member" shaft (the part that connects to the driveshaft) I replaced the bearing and have it all back together now. What torque wrench setting should I use when reinstalling the brackets ... Read more

Trouble Timing 87 Chevy 350 Reman Crate Engine

Harmonic balancer is off the old engine put on the reman, Running carb not fi. By timing light the single mark on the balancer is off the scale by quite a bit toward the passenger side. Runs fairly well. electrictronic ignition with vacum advance. ... Read more

1995 Dodge Caravan Base 6 Cyl. 3.0 Ltr. Engine Timing Problem

Had an oil leak with valve cover and distributor adaptor (front cam). I have changed out the o-ring and 2 seals, valve cover gasket and plug, I marked the cam to head, distributor to adaptor, and rotor button to distributor before removing anything. I ... Read more

What Is The Procedure For Setting Timing On 1994 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder

Rubber timing belt jumped a few teeth. Replaced with new belt but I need to know the procedure for setting the timing. Where do the marks on the cam gear and the crankshaft gear line up and on what stroke of the number 1 cylinder of ... Read more

How Do You Measure Torque

Do they measure torque at the piston? What about when the piston is in between top dead center and bottom dead center, how is there the most torque then? Is it the distance from the crank pin or the length of the connecting rod used in ... Read more

How Do I Set The Timing On My Truck

We pulled the motor apart to replace all the gaskets on it and when I was reinstalling everything and went to put my distributor on I noticed it was cracked. So i bought a new one. Problem is, The motor is set on Top Dead Center ... Read more