Question About Edelbrock Carburetor Ford 302 Rich


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How Do I Tune My Edelbrock Carburetor How Many Turns On Each Screw

I have a 1983 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with a 650 cfm Edelbrock carburetor and about 300hp. Please don't send me a link to the Edelbrock carb Manual. I already looked at it and don't understand it. I don't have a vacuum gauge =-/ ... Read more

Buying A Carburetor For My Ford 302 Which Is Better Holley Or Edelbrock

Looking to buy a new carburetor. I want to buy either the edelbrock 1406 600cfm or the holley 4160 600cfm. Which is better? Reliability wise ... Read more

Edelbrock Carburetor

I drive a 1984 ford f-150 with an inline 6. I was given a edelbrock 600cfm carb. it is 4 barrel. will it fit? ... Read more

Edelbrock 600 Cfm Carburetor Performer

I have a ford 302 pushing probably 260 hp and I have a 600 cfm edlebrock carburetor. Just wondering what the jet size would be recommended for this set up. ... Read more

What Would Be The Right Carburetor For My 1977 Nova 350

The other day i wanted to get a 454 for my Nova but all of the work to make it happen to way to expensive so I got a Chevy 350 for free from one of my uncles and i have decided to buy a Edelbrock ... Read more

A Few Questinon’s About My Ford 351m And 400m Engine

Okay, I'm rebuilding my 351m engine out of my 1977 Ford F-250 . I bought a set of .040 over pistons and I will be using the stock crank. So I think that will give me a 4.040 bore and a 3.50 stroke. With all that ... Read more

I Need To Know The Best Way To Adjust My Carburetor For Power And Maximum Fuel Usage.

I have a 4150 Series 600 CFM Holley carb monted on a 68 327 Chevy engine. It is running "Rich". Before I take it to an over priced shop what is the best way to tune the carburetor myself to obtain the best air/fuel ratio. I ... Read more