Question About Edelbrock Carburetor Ford 302 Rich


What Type Of Carburetor, Goes On A 302/5.0 68 Engine

Asked on Dec 19, 2010 The engine is 1986 ford. I need to know what type of carburetor to put on the engine. Carburetor that's on it is an edelbrock 1406 7333. Is this the right one? The car is a 1973 ford Maverick the engine is 1986 ford. ... Read more

Buying A Carburetor For My Ford 302 Which Is Better Holley Or Edelbrock

Asked on Oct 16, 2010 Looking to buy a new carburetor. I want to buy either the edelbrock 1406 600cfm or the holley 4160 600cfm. Which is better? Reliability wise ... Read more

Edelbrock 600 Cfm Carburetor Performer

Asked on Nov 16, 2010 I have a ford 302 pushing probably 260 hp and I have a 600 cfm edlebrock carburetor. Just wondering what the jet size would be recommended for this set up. ... Read more

What Are Some Good Cams For My 302

Asked on Mar 1, 2011 Its a 1985 Ford F-150, 302 in it. Im gonna be putting in a Holley 4bbl 600cfm carburetor, an edelbrock performer intake manifold, some hooker headers and exhaust. Its just that my teacher told me that I should get some better cams if i was gonna ... Read more

Does Edelbrock Make A 2 Barrel Carburetor That Will Work With My 1972 302 V8 Mustang Coupe

Asked on Nov 13, 2010 Does edelbrock make a 2 barrel carburetor that will work with my 1972 302 V8 Mustang coupe? ... Read more

Is It Hard To Swap Out A 302 Windsorfuel Injected To A 351 Windsorcarburated

Asked on Nov 26, 2010 I have a 1988 ford ltd Crown Victoria and a friend of mine has a 351 windsor with an aftermarket intake edelbrock carburetor that came out of a 78 f150. I was wondering what all I have to do cause my car is fuel injected. ... Read more

Edelbrock Carburetor

Asked on Sep 19, 2010 I drive a 1984 ford f-150 with an inline 6. I was given a edelbrock 600cfm carb. it is 4 barrel. will it fit? ... Read more