Question About Edelbrock Carb 1406 Flooding Out On 86 Chevy Caprice


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Carburetor Flooding And Not Starting

I just bought the edelbrock carb #1406 and installed it. but when i try to start it, all it does is flood everything and spits gas everywhere and the engine wont start. its electric choke. please help! ... Read more

I Just Got A Edelbrock Carburetor #1406 600 Cfm Electric Choke

I have a 85 chevy 305 5.0 ltr. v8 does any one know how to install an edelbrock? my original carb is a Qjet computer controlled!!! how do i replace with the edelbrock???? i dont care if its not emission legal i just need some HELP ... Read more

Edelbrok 1406 Carburetor Vs. Stock Camaro Carb

I got the Edelbrock 1406 carburetor, 600 CFM. Which I will put on my 86 Camaro. What is the expected power gain over my stock carb? What is the CFM I should get then? For 86 Camaro, I'm also upgrading headers and exhuast, maybe ... Read more

Carburetor Trouble In A 84 Chevy Caprice. With A 305 Rochester Carb.

I have a 84 chevy caprice with a 305 and a rochester carb, I want to change the carburetor to a holley. What would be the best one, and does any body know a part number? Thanks in advance. ... Read more

Chevy 350 Hard To Start When Hot Flooding

I have a chevy 355 crate motor in my 78 Jeep cj7. It has an edelbrock performer package (cam/intake/carb) it has a mechanical fuel pump. It idles fine and runs great but after a ride if I shut it down and try to start it up ... Read more

Where Does The Transmission Throttle Valve Cable Bracket Fit On The Intake Or On The Carburetor

It's a 1967 Camaro with a 1988 center valve cover engine. 350, 700R4 transmission, Edelbrock 1406 carb, alum Edelbrock 2104 Intake. Also, the fuel throttle is the orginal "rod" style. Do I need to change the fuel throttle rod to cable? Does anyone have one for ... Read more

Why Do Carburetors Get Unadjusted

I have a edelbrock carb on a 350 chevy engine. i adjust it, but every time i use it in the highway when i get in the city it gets accelerated. The truck sounds loud and its just the carb that needs to be adjusted down, ... Read more