Question About Duralast Battery Charger Instructions


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Portable Car Charger Question

I am trying to charge a car using a portable charger and it's not working. I left the charger plugged in all night and then hooked it up to the car for about an hour and a half (with the key on). When I ... Read more

How To Jumpstarting Car With Automatic Battery Charger

I just bought an automatic battery charger made by Vector. The instructions really sucked. I could not find anything that tells you when you can turn on your vehicle. Do I charge it first, then unplug the power cord and cables. Then turn on the car? ... Read more

When Is Your Car Battery Charged

Ive got it on a portable charge in my garage , and its been plugged in for 24 hrs now the charger has 2 settings , 1 amp or 4 amp and a meter that goes all the way up to 6 i set it on 4 amp ... Read more

I Have A Battery Charger Need Help Plz

So i have a battery charger that plugs in the wall but its been pluged in for a day but when i went to charge my car battery it turns off like it hasn't been charging the manual does help all it talks about is how ... Read more

Battery Charger For Car

I had my litghs out all day and i needed to chare my car battery. I charged it for about 7 hours and my batter charger said "Full" I REMOVED the battery charger cables from the car battery and i started the car. The Car DID NOT start. What may ... Read more

I Think I Accidentaly Left My Car Battery Charging With…

The instructions I beleive said positive clamp goes to positive terminal on the car battery, and negative clamp goes to engine block or metal chasis, but I think I left it with the negative clamp on the negative terminal (because htats how i had originally connected it ... Read more

Is A Insulated Battery Cable Necessary To Charge A Car Battery

In the instructions for my (car) battery charger it says "attach a 24-inch long insulated battery cable to NEGATIVE battery post" and then connect to charger's negative cable to the the cable mentioned above. Do I really need the 24-inch cable or can I just connect the charger's ... Read more