Question About Drive Shaft Problems Symptoms


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Boat Has A Cracked Block. Is It Worth Fixing Or Can It Cause Drive Shaft Problems & Lower End Motor Problems

I have been told that a cracked block can allow water into other parts of the engine which can ruin the engine. I just bought the boat and the seller is willing to fix it. Will I just continue to have problems or should ... Read more

Two Days Ago A Mechanic Worked On My 2007 Ford Escape’s Axle Shaft Assembly

Then yesterday all of a sudden the car make a loud noise and it acted like the transmission went out. But now we are wondering if it could possibly be that the mechanic incorrectly installed the axle shaft assembly. Would the symptoms be similar? ... Read more

Can You Drive A 4×4 Half Ton Silverado With The Front Drive Axles Removed

I need to know if the hub assemblies are designed in such a way that the cv axles do nothing but drive them. That the outer splined axle does not hold the bearing together. 2000 Silverado Z71 The question said nothing about the transfer case or any ... Read more

Ford F150 96 Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Removal From The Shaft

2 piece drive shaft, 3 u-joints and a slip yoke, to pull the carrier bearing assembly off the shaft ... I removed the support bracket, cut off the rubber cushion, but how does the non-rotating part w a flange (bearing shield?) come off the shaft? Is ... Read more

2002 GMC SIERRA Drive Shaft

2002 gmc sierra....Is the center support bearing on the drive shaft the same thing as center carrier bearing on the drive shaft? ... Read more

On A 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Can The First Drive Shaft On The First Axle Be Turned At All

On a 1993 jeep grand Cherokee larado, can the first drive shaft on the first axle be turned at all? On mine it will turn a noticible bit. Its having some kind of problem down there and i heard it could be the universal joints. Does ... Read more

How Do You Adjust The Lenght After Removing The Nut From The Front Driveshaft

I have a 1997 Cherokee and i'm having trouble adjusting the length on the front drive shaft. I have it bolted on the front drive axle, and now i need to adjust the length so i can connected to the out put of the transfer case. I ... Read more