Question About Does The Spring Part Of Thermostat Go Toward Engine


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How Do I Change The Thermostat On My 2005 Jetta Gli 1.8T Thermostat And Where Is The Location Of The Part

Everytime i start and the engine and drive the car until the engine is hot, then two or the three blocks later the engine starts overheating and tells me to stop the vehicle. I checked the radiator and it was cold. So what could be the ... Read more

What Are Some Symptoms Of An Over Heating Engine, Even If The Thermostat Reads Normal

Are there any obvious way to tell if the engine was damaged due to excessive heat? I have a coolant leak at the bottom of the thermostat, which is part of the recording is varied, 1999 Mustang GT 4th 6L SOHCSollte I am concerned, even if ... Read more

What Is The Part Called That Sits Between The Rear Axle And The Leaf Spring In A Truck

There is a part welded to my rear axle that bolts onto the bottom of my leaf spring. What is that part called? I figured out that the part is called a Spring Perch. Thanks for everyone's help. ... Read more

Why Am I Leaking Antifreeze From My ’98 Dodge Intrepid

We've found the leak, but can not figure the part. There is a piece (maybe thermostat) in front of engine block. Near radiator. Top of engine. You can see it clear as day. Practically the first thing you see when opening the ... Read more

2000 Dodge Intrepid Help

Ok, I have a 2000 dodge intrepid (2.7 L engine). I was trying to remove the thermostat from the engine. When I removed the housing i noticed that part of the thermostat had broken off and went into the engine block. Does anyone ... Read more

I Just Replaced The Thermostat In My 99 Mercury Pillager And It Will Not Put Out Heat While Idling

As long as I"m going 35 or faster the heat will blow hot and when I slow down it blows cold. I put the thermostat in just the way the diagram showed(coil spring in the thermostat housing) and wow it"s not leaking either. I would greatly ... Read more

My 1998 Mercedes C230 Lost It’s Front Coil Spring, HELP Does Anyone Know …

If the coil spring retainer (top) which seems to be welded on to the unibody rear of the fender .. is a part that can be purchased seperately, and welded on again? Mine rusted, and the spring pushed it out of place, than the spring fell ... Read more