Question About Does Having A Bad Alternator Affect Car Performance


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Can I Connect A Solar Panel Charger To My Car Battery Without Interfering With The Alternator

Would like to add a solar panel to help charge my car battery. Will this affect/hurt my alternator? Do I need to switch from alternator to solar. I was hoping to leave the panel attached to the car during operation. I'd like it as easy as ... Read more

Does A Catalytic Converter Affect The Performance Of A 2000 Ford Focus

Question: Does A Catalytic Converter Affect The Performance Of A 2000 Ford Focus, My car is running sluggish and its as if there is no power in it. Normally my car will get up and go (manual). My check engine light is and has been on ... Read more

High Performance Alternator

Will putting a high performance alternator help keep my lights from dimming when my bass hits? i have two 600 watt rms amps and four 12s in a 2002 mazda protege 5. I already have a optima battery and two 1.2 farad capacitors. ... Read more

Should I Get An Exhaust Tip

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata V6 (2.7 L, 170 hp).i really dont wanna spend that much money on a whole new exhaust kit and replacing the catalytic converter and muffler. i was thinking of just going to pepboys and buying an exhaust tip for about ... Read more

How Does A Lower Temperature Engine Thermostat Affect Performance

I have a 97 Wrangler and i was wondering what type of thermostat i should get to increase performance. ... Read more

How Much Does Temperature Affect Car Performance

I read out of an automotive book that for every 1000-ft of elevation, your car loses 3% performance relative to sea level. BUT does anyone know numbers when it comes to air temperature?? (Assuming that the car does not have forced induction) ... Read more

Does The Physical Size Of A Car Battery Affect The Performance Of The Battery Or Is It The Amps Of The Batter

I have a battery that has the right amps but is mot the right size, does it affect the proformance of my car? ... Read more