Question About Dodge Stratus Torque Specs Valve Cover


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1998 Dodge Stratus Has Oil On Top Of The Valve Cover Around The Spark Plugs. What Is Wrong

There is oil around the spark plugs on the valve cover. It pools up in the shallow area around the plug. It seems to come from one or more of the dowel holes, not from the sides of the valve cover. It is not to lose ... Read more

What Is The Torque Sequence And Torque Specs FT/LBS For A 1990 Dodge 318 Engine Head Intake Manifold

I am doing a complet top end rebuild on my 1990 Dodge 318 and I just need to know the specs. Thanks. ... Read more

What Freon Do I Use In A 2005 Dodge Stratus

Question: What Freon Do I Use In A 2005 Dodge Stratus, Best answer for What Freon Do I Use In A 2005 Dodge StratusR-134. Why do you require to include freeon although? Freon is not like oil or coolant. It does not melt away off. If ... Read more

99 Dodge Stratus Oil Pressure Light Flickering HELP

I have a 1999 Dodge Stratus that when sitting idle the oil pressure drops and car starts to hesitate, I said, it could be the oil sensor and the oil pressure switch, this might be right when the car seems too warm, loose some type of ... Read more

Help With 1966 Mustang PCV Valves And Valves Covers.

Ok I bought a chrome engine dress up kit it came with 2 valve covers, air filter and chrome cover, gaskets, and long stem screws, it also had chrome what looks like a oil cap it is called breather cap. And two black PVC grommets. ... Read more

What Are The Rocker Arm Torque Specs For A 96 Buick Century

I had to loosen the rocker arm bolts to remove and replace the intake gasket. now my valves make a lot of noise, causing the knock sensor to retard the timing. can anyone give me a website where i can get the torque specs of the ... Read more

What Are The Torque Specs For The Stock Rocker Nuts On A 1993 Chevy 350 5.7 L Engine

Got a brand new 1993 crate 350 and want to make sure the rocker nuts are in prime working order but i need the torque specs. ... Read more