Question About Dodge Neon Cranks No Spark Fire


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Gibson Exhaust Tip On A Dodge Neon…help Please

Gibson Exhaust Tip installation on a 2003 dodge neon sxt. i was just wondering how would the Gibson Exhaust Tip fit on my 2003 dodge neon, beacuase my neon's exhaust tip isnt striaght like the Gibson Exhaust Tip, it bends down, so im guessing its going to ... Read more

Looking For Dodge Neon Parts For Sale

I am trying to find a magnum intake manifold for a dodge neon 2.0 dohc I think they come off the R/T models does anyone know what im talking about, have a picture of one anything will help im not sure if this is for the 2nd ... Read more

96 Dodge Neon Selling Price

I have a 96 Manual Dodge Neon Highline, it only has 76k, runs fine except it needs new motormounts. It has new tires, a new shifter knob, cd player and new speakers all around. What do you think I could sell this car for? ... Read more

Street Fire Spark Plug Wires

I put Street Fire Spark Plug Wires in my 97' dodge ram 1500, Laramie SLT(5.9 v-8) and new spark plugs the other day and now the check engine light is on. First I replaced the spark plugs, no light came on then. After I replaced all ... Read more

1996 Dodge Caravan Wont Start

My 1996 dodge caravan with just under 65,000 miles will not start. i got out of the car, re entered and tried to restart the car. it sounded like it would start but never did. the battery seems to be good (radio works, lights work, horn ... Read more

2005 Dodge Neon Tranny

Ok so i have a 2005 dodge neon SE its got 40,000 miles and runs fine it has an automatic tranny Ive added cold air intake. Cam, exhaust, spark plugs, new fuel injection system. brakes. and headers there has been a big jump in the cars performance since ive added ... Read more

I Removed My Distributor Cap And Now My Car Wont Crank Over

I cant figure it out i tried to check the spark plug wires and they seem fine it was running before i did it and after i did it, it wouldnt run any more it just cranks and cranks but no ignition ... Read more