Question About Do Twist In Coil Booster Work


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Brake Booster & Exhaust Leak 99 Eclipse Gsx

I know my brake booster is bad, thats the code it flashes when we run the tests on it, my question is, could that and my MASSIVEEEE!! (its nasty) exhaust leak be the reason it runs sooo crappy. i mean, my brakes dont even work half ... Read more

Coil Spacers For Late Model Explorer

Alright im getting my explorer lifted 3 inches in the front and 3.5 in the rear (gives it a good look). Now i was planning on getting a torsion twist for the rear and back. Or I was thinking that I could get spacers for the ... Read more

Brakes Are Week There Is Debris In Reservoir. How Can I Tell If It’s A Bad Booster Or Clogged Calipers

The truck is a 2000 Chevy Silverado. I replaced all brake components on the rear axle shortly after buying it(used). I've also bled the brakes(all of them in the proper order) 3 times and they are still too weak to lock up the tires ... Read more

Where Can I Buy A Replacement 120 V AC Adapter For A Black & Decker Car Battery Booster

My car's battery gave out recently. I have a Black and Decker battery booster (model BB7B) but I'm missing the 120 volt AC adapter to charger it. Is there anywhere I can purchase an AC adapter, and will it work with my battery booster? ... Read more

Power Brake Booster Makes Loud Creaking Noise When Brakes Are Applied

1983 Ford F150 4WD, 302 motor with brake booster. The power brake booster unit was replaced about 2 years ago with a rebuilt. Truck driven less than 3000 miles since. When brakes are applied, a loud creaking seems to be the end of the Power Booster ... Read more

Any Downsides To Converting From Hydraulic Brake Booster To A Pneumatic Vaccuum Brake Booster

I have a hydraulic brake booster in my car (1994 Nissan Cedric - a Japanese luxury sedan), and from what i can gather, the hydraulic boosters are somewhat rare (most cars have vaccuum boosters). Lately though i have been getting a warning beep to tell me ... Read more

How Can I Get The Chevy Twist Off Bolts Out Of The 604 GM Fastburn Crate Motor

It has seals / twist off bolts on the intake manifold, heads and oil pan. Its the 604 circle track crate engine and I know I'm not supposed to take them off, but there has to be a safe way to get them out of ... Read more